Tuesday Takeover: It’s All About Connections by Derek Borne

Have you ever wondered how you were going to get from your comfortable point A to the seemingly impossible point B? I’m not talking in an automotive kind of way of course, but in the ‘author world’ where you need to have a book cover artist, editor, formatter, personal pizza delivery guy from the Amalfi coast… hey, the Italian in me can dream, right?

 Well, there’s a simple trick to all of that.

 You ready?

 Make some friends. It’s as easy as that. With social media being as vast as it is, with the number of authors there are on social media, chances are pretty big that you could end up befriending quite a few and gaining some great connections in the process.

Personally, being a ‘newbie’ in this author world, for the most part I had no idea of what I was doing. Everything felt immensely overwhelming.

 Taking a full on plunge, I joined some groups. BOD (Band of Dystopian Authors) was the first of a few, and for the first while it kinda felt like I was floating around in there. Eventually, another step had to be taken. New people?? Gah, as social as one can be, it’s still a bit nerve wracking to press that ‘friend request’ button, and hope that they don’t creep your Facebook page first to see how weird you really are.

 But getting to know people is one of the best things you can do. Once you start making connections, you’ll find that in a way, you’re building a super-team of people that have different abilities or connections of their own that can help you out.

 Some have the power to help you generate a following, others could harness the ability to have a great eye and catch things in your work that you never even thought of. Then there are those who have the invaluable talent of moral support, which gives you what feels like super strength to get through whatever the ‘author world’ can throw at you.

 Whether you’re trying to save a bridge from collapsing in Sydney, Australia, or an aspiring author trying to get your name out there, don’t be afraid to make some friends. Build yourself a super-team of connections.

 Plus, who doesn’t love a good team-up?



Derek Borne is the author of the “Ultimate Agent” series, due to be released later this year. Discover his world of superheroes and espionage at www.derekborne.weebly.com


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