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Sarah Noffke, an expert in coaching, empowers aspiring writers to conquer obstacles, find their creative flow and transform their book dreams into reality, one page at a time.Sarah Noffke, USA Today Best Selling Author, has helped tons of authors to maneuver through their excuses, find motivation and increase production through her valued insights and advice. As the author of over 100 novels in less than ten years, Sarah knows the struggles authors face. She also knows how to reach new potentials by overcoming the roadblocks in our minds.Book your exclusive one-hour coaching session today! Unlock your potential and level up your author career through enhanced production and blowing the roof off your motivation. Click the “Buy Now” button below to secure your coaching session with Sarah. The value of one hour can be the difference between starting a book and finishing a best seller.Sessions are limited. Once you’ve purchased your one-hour coaching session, Sarah will be in touch with available times to video conference. If you have any questions, please send inquires to



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Testimonials from authors Sarah has helped to level up their careers:

“Sarah is an amazing book coach. She really gets to the heart of your blockages, with kindness and care, and helps you develop your own plan for success. Sarah believes in authors, which is probably the most important thing a book coach can do. She is also fantastically successful at writing books, but her career is born of many years of ‘failure’ (for want of a better word). So she knows about staying on target and never giving up. Sign up and change your life – you won’t regret it.” – Suzy K Quinn (over 1 million books sold)

“So much of what Sarah said resonated with me. She is an inspiration.” – Author Sadie Kincaid – Amazon Top 10 bestselling spicy romance author.

“I remember sitting in the back hearing Sarah speak at 20booksto50k for the first time. Every word she said hit me as if she wrote the entire talk just for me. The empowered confidence she radiated on stage gave me strength to find my writing-self once again. I thought ‘she’ was gone. I thought I’d lost that part of me and was drowning in a sea of imposter syndrome. Mostly, I was hiding in the dark because life hadn’t been so kind and I didn’t know how to make this(writing) work. But there Sarah was… spilling her story and giving me hope. I left there in tears because she gave me something I needed. Confidence and hope. The next time I saw her on stage I was in the front row and that is where I stay.” – M.R. Polish – Best Selling Fantasy Romance Author

“Sarah’s story is one of the things that inspired me to give writing a try. The stories of how she turned her passion into a career sparked me (and my wife) into putting all the experience I have crafting D&D, LARPing, etc, worlds down onto paper instead of simply remains floating around in my head.” – Patrick Michael – Author of Legends Are Made Series

“Sarah is such an inspiration! If it weren’t for her, I may have never had the courage to change my genre, which ended up changing my career! Her presentations encouraged me to look past the fear and doubt to find where I truly belong. I can’t thank her enough!” – Eric Warren, Bestselling author of INFINITY’S END series



Sarah Noffke, featured in Boston Chronicles


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