Praise for Awoken

“Awoken is a refreshing jolt in the young adult world because it tackles something we all encounter but rarely take time to evaluate in the same creative way that Sarah Noffke does: dreams. The Lucidites are the next evolutionary step, people able to travel in their dreams and do extraordinary things, but what is so compelling is Noffke’s character Roya and her own wishes to just be normal and accepted. This urge, felt by so many young adults and adults alike, drives the story to powerful crescendoes and exciting conflicts that make the reader race to the finish and unable to put the book down as Roya confronts a great evil that not only threatens the safety of Lucidites everywhere, but also humanity. While the weight of the world rests on Roya’s shoulders we fall in love with her supporting cast of characters which are richly realized and unarguably unique in their own approach to this magical, fantastic world living just on the other side of our pillows. You will never think of dreams the same as you want to scream in frustration, cheer at the page, and devour this addictive page turner that leaves you begging for the next book, so you can once again dive into the wonderfully realized world of the Lucidites!”

 – Jennifer W, Dallas, TX

“Brilliantly plotted, unpredictable, well written with witty banter throughout. You will relish in the adventures of Roya that are filled with suspense, romance and action. I can’t wait to read Book 2 and continue on the adventure with this creative writer.”

– Heidi M, Mission Viejo, CA

“Awoken is a well-woven tapestry of hero-story, sci-fi, and the planted seeds of young romance. Sarah Noffke presents us with the story of Roya, a girl who has just found out that she is much more than an aloof teenager. She has been told that she is to be the hero of a society that can travel and manipulate the physical world through their dreams, the Lucidites. Her first challenge, the one that gains her entry into their secret headquarters, requires risking her life. From there the challenges, both official and personal, are non-stop. She is pushed and taxed mentally, physically, and emotionally. Roya grows and finds truth in ways that she never expected when she accepted the ghostly directive to join the Lucidites.

I loved reading Awoken because it created a world that exists within our own, or more aptly, beside it. The settings are rich, diverse, and immersive. The author smartly partners self-doubts and the types of feelings that every teenager has with having the fate of the world on your shoulders. She explores ideas of self-discovery, deceit, facing your fears, duty, and various forms of love. Awoken is a fantastic book in its own right, and left me excited to see what awaits as the rabbit hole continues its descent in the rest of the series. I highly suggest taking the twisting silver tunnel into Roya’s world of Lucidites!”

– Dane M, Chandler, AZ

“Awoken is the first book in the Lucidite series, and it’s a captivating one!  I really enjoyed the introduction to Roya and the phenomenon of dream traveling.  I love the idea of this secret society of people whose consciousness travels around the world, unseen by regular folks, or Middlings.  Roya is faced with the weight of needing to save humanity from a dangerous dream traveler, threatening to rob thousands, if not millions of their consciousness, but once she gets all the way to the specialized Institute to do so, she finds she’s not the only one who’s been recruited for the task!  The book takes us through the struggles she faces, the mystery surrounding her family, the people she meets, the special abilities they all have and are getting used to.  And of course, there are some romantic interests at play, too.  This book is full of surprises and suspense, and it keeps you turning pages all the way through.  I won’t give away any more, so I’ll just leave with my recommendation:  Read this book!  It’s a good one!!”

 – Meg T, Redmond, WA

“As an adult male, I definitely didn’t think this book would be in my wheelhouse. However, my wife recommended it and I was extremely pleased by how engaging and riveting the story was. Sarah describes characters in such a way that you become immediately familiar with them. I loved the juxtaposition of the people, places, and times anchored in the ‘real world’ with those that Sarah created in her fantasy world. Awoken is a complete page turner and definitely isn’t just for young adults. If you love reading sci-fi fantasy at all, don’t miss the opportunity to check out Awoken!”

– Carl N, Los Angeles, CA

“Awoken was a real page turner and breath of fresh air compared to all the played out story lines of vampires and witches. The author has a way of writing that makes it easy to envision exactly what’s going in. I love the characters and I feel like I know them personally. I couldn’t wait to read the second book. This book is a 5 out of 5!!”

 – Fay W, Dallas, TX

“Awoken is the story of Roya, a sarcastic, sometimes belligerent teenage girl who has the uncanny ability to dream travel. Dream traveling is exactly what it sounds like- the ability to travel while dreaming. Imagine closing your eyes and finding yourself in Tahiti bathing in the sun or people-watching on a rainy boulevard in Paris. 

From the moment I opened Awoken I was transported into a world that I had never been to before. I immediately felt a connection to Roya because she is an avid reader, a strong female, and someone who feels out of place in her world. As the story begins, she is approached by a mysterious group called the Lucidites who tell her that she is destined to fight a malicious villain named Zhuang. I really enjoyed Roya’s journey and all of the unique characters that make this book so special. The romance in particular is a favorite part for me since it doesn’t feel forced or rushed. It has a sweet realism that I think any other reader would enjoy.”

 – Colleen C, Phoenix, AZ

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Praise for Stunned

“Many book series get better with each installment, and Noffke’s Stunned is no exception!  Stunned is the second book in the Lucidite series, and it takes the reader through even more adventure, danger, intrigue, romance, and mystery.  The characters reveal more about themselves, and so does the Institute that houses the Lucidite dream travelers.  Zhuang, the main villain from the first book, is seemingly defeated and out of the picture, but a new danger arises, and Roya and her team must fight again.  This book will definitely keep you sitting on the edge of your seat wondering what will come next!! “

 – Meg T, Redmond, WA

“I found the world of dream travelers to be much more complex and complicated as I dove into the second book in the Lucidites trilogy. Our protagonist, Roya, has just defeated the biggest threat to the Lucidites society when she finds herself discovering that biggest does not mean only.

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a personal identity crisis, tasked with “save humanity” missions, wondering why your brother is wasting away, and torn between two different types of love? Unless your name is Roya Stark (and it’s not), sit back down and keep reading, because that is just a taste of where this book will take you.

Building on the foundations erected in Awoken, Stunned takes what is already an interesting and well-told story and adds new, unexpected layers of depth. I found it extremely easy to read, and hard to put down. The first book immerses you beneath the surface of reality into this world of dream travelers. Stunned is the view of what the surface masked.

The surviving cast from the first book is back, but with new scars and personal demons after the battle with Zhuang. They all are figuring out where they fit into the “normal” Lucidites world when a new crisis emerges to pull them together. The threat is no less fearsome to the world than Zhuang, but it’s also less overt and much more personal. There are new characters including some dangerous, entertaining, and intriguing villains. Sarah Noffke has done it again, creating a romantic action-adventure that left me enthralled and entertained. The twists at the end that made me excited to read Revived did not feel cheap or forced. The story is complete, which is tough for many mid-trilogy novels to accomplish, but the epic continues. There is just clearly more to this world, and I was ready to keep traveling the silver tunnels for as long as they would take me.”

 – Dane M, Chandler, AZ

“After reading the first book Awoken I couldn’t wait to get to the second book and see how all the characters were doing. I rated the first book 5 out of 5 and so I have to give this one a 8 out of 5 because it was even better then the first. It’s a fun adventure and love triangle that is very easy to relate too. 
The book is so entertaining that I never wanted to put it down and couldn’t wait to get back to it. The end only left me wanting more !! Haven’t enjoyed an easy to read and exciting book in a long time! Can’t wait to read the third one but will be sad when the story is over.”

 – Fay W, Dallas, TX

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Praise for Revived

“In all of the multi-novel series I have read, I have never felt as fulfilled as I did at the end of the Lucidites epic. Revived grabs the reader early on, and picks up the threads from the previous two books to weave a dynamic, amazing climax AND conclusion.

I have read a number of series that have flimsy, anti-climactic, or otherwise unsatisfying endings after having invested the reader’s time over multiple episodes. Sometimes they nail the giant climax and peter out in the conclusion/epilogue (including, but not limited to, a certain boy-wizard author….). Occasionally, the letdown is the climax resolution with decent to subpar conclusion afterwards. Sarah Noffke manages what so many others miss, which is writing with superb quality through to the final page, not just when the “final battle” ends. As the summaries tout, everything is addressed, the mysteries are revealed, and everything is tied up or, at the least, put to rest. This is of course the feeling by the end, with the bulk of the book containing even more of the action, adventure, big reveals, and drama that abounds in previous two installments.

The characters have matured, and show that they have grown personally and literarily since their introductions. Places like the Institute that seemed clinical to Roya, and therefore the reader, have grown to feel like home. The villains are more menacing as ever and hauntingly familiar. Awoken is drowning and submersion into a new world. Stunned is putting on a mask and exploring the world of the deep. Revived is losing the mask, struggling and clawing to the surface, and finally feeling the peace and calm of floating, swimming, and mastering the water.

I could go on and on about the book, but suffice to say I loved it from cover to final page. I could not put it down until I was finished, but I also did not feel cheated or wanting at the end. It was sublime in that sense, never too much and definitely not lacking. I hope that this is not the last we hear from this talented author, and I would urge anyone taking the time to read this review to pick up Revived, or Awoken if you stumbled upon book three first. The Lucidites series is at the top of my lists for well-written, exciting, and satisfying reads.”

 – Dane M, Chandler, AZ

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