Snippet: The Dream Traveler Apocalypse

The Dream Traveler Apocalypse will be released early next year, 2020. Currently the first part of it is included in an anthology where proceeds go to charity. I’ll post more about that on my Facebook page as I have the details. For now, I offer you a little teaser. I’ve missed Ren. Haven’t you?


Some say that home is where the heart is.

That’s bullshit.

Just some bullocks that people say to make themselves feel good.

Home isn’t where the heart is. That’s in your chest. Look it up. Every goddamn anatomy textbook will prove I’m right.

Home is, plain and simply, the place that you like more than anywhere else. It’s where you go when you’re fucking tired of the rest of the world and the shitshow it’s constantly putting on for the dumbasses on this planet to watch.

Home is not some warm place where a cozy fire is always burning, and pot roast is cooling on the kitchen table.

Sometimes the best homes are cold. Damp. Full of repugnant technology and people who talk too fucking much. Still, that can be home despite its annoyance. Despite the frustrations that never seem to end inside those walls. Despite all the jerks who crowd the place, it’s the best goddamn place in the world.

A home isn’t where the heart is. I get the metaphor, but it’s worthless. It’s just a cozy little set of words that doesn’t mean anything at the end of the day.

You want to know what home is? You want a definition that you can actually do something with?

Home is the place you’d die to protect.

There. It’s that simple. No frills. No poetry. Just a law. One I stand by forever.

I’m Ren Lewis, and if you mess with my home, you’ll die.



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