Snippet 3: Exploration, Ghost Squadron #2

Exploration: Ghost Squadron, #2

Snippet 3


Evidence Locker, QBS ArchAngel, Axiom System.

Eddie and Lars were back aboard the ArchAngel, stowing the weapons cache they’d collected from the warehouse.

There were at least two hundred small and medium arms, not to mention enough grenades to blow up a small city.

Eddie shoved one of the crates with his foot, pushing it into its designated spot. These still weren’t Federation grade weapons. Soon they’d have to steal some advanced guns off of a dumb pirate. It would be a win-win situation. Shiny new weapons taken from evil aliens. “You think any of these guys got into the whole gun trade thing because they just liked guns?”

“I’ve never found much success in trying to understand the criminal mind,” admitted Lars.

Eddie entered a security code on the crate’s lid, locking it down. Then he secured it with a large harness in order to ensure it wouldn’t budge later on. “I think most of them are in it for the money, but I bet there’s like one or two guys who just enjoy a good gun, you know? Just a couple of halfwits who like to blow shit up.”

“You’re talking about yourself, aren’t you?”

Eddie grinned. “Tell me you don’t like it.”

“Violence has never been something I take pleasure in,” Lars countered. “Though, I will say, there is a certain satisfaction in delivering justice.”

“Like today?”

“Especially so,” agreed Lars. “We confiscated enough weapons to wage a small war, arrested a dozen criminals, and—”

“And found our target,” finished Eddie. He glanced towards the door. “Which, if I’m not mistaken, Julianna is interrogating as we speak.”

Exploration releases December 4th

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