Teaser 2: Lone Wolf

With his back straight and feet shoulder-width apart, Mika Lenna nocked an arrow onto the string of the bow. He raised the weapon he’d been practicing with since he was four years old, aiming it at the target some ninety meters away.

“Why does your report for Project Teleportaatio say you’ve halted testing on the subjects?” he said to the man standing a few feet away.

Drake also stood with his feet shoulder-width apart, but he didn’t hold a bow. His hands were clasped behind his back and his shoulders drooped from the weight of his large midsection. The older man, Mika’s top research scientist, was still wearing his lab coat, although he should be off work now after putting in a seventeen-hour day. “Because,” he said, clearing his throat, “it’s a waste to keep testing the teleportation protocol on lemurs.”

“Then find a new type of subject,” Mika said, relaxing his fingers before releasing the arrow. It flew through the air, a blur of blue and green from the fletching at its end, before knocking hard into the bull’s eye of the target.

“It’s a waste to test the protocol on any subject,” Drake said, his voice tired and his German accent thick. “The project was initiated prematurely and we don’t know enough about the neural framework that makes teleportation successful.”

Mika ground his teeth together before pulling another arrow from the satchel. Why did the brightest minds also have to belong to the most insufferable people? he thought. He couldn’t stand Drake, but he needed his expertise on too many projects to replace him. “Your insinuation that I launched this project without sufficient research is a bold move and one I’d suggest you take back before you’re swelling with regret,” Mika said, resting the arrow in place in the bow.

A flat chuckle, absent of any joy, popped out of Drake’s mouth. “Coming to terms with the mistakes we make in the past is the best way to improve. And I’m only—”

Mika spun around, aiming the loaded bow straight at Drake’s chest, abruptly ending the scientist’s words.

“Do you take me as a man who makes empty threats?” Mika said, his eyes narrowed on the man before him, his hands steady.

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