Tuesday Takeover: Why So Serious by Derek Borne

When we were little, we were always asked the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

And the usual responses were: veterinarian, doctor, firefighter, policeman, and the list continues. Fast forward a few years, and there’s a change that takes place. Rather than asking you what you want to be, you’re slowly moulded into what this world thinks you should be. Most times due to circumstances, options become few. Those dreams you once had as a four or five year old are gone.

So what happened?

This world we live in has become too serious. So serious, that it tries to crush our hopes and dreams. True, we need to be grounded in reality. We need to work to keep food on our table for our families. Even free time seems to be as elusive as the Loch Ness Monster or Sasquatch.

Now you’re probably thinking, “Well this is a depressing article, where’s the positivity?”

And there you go. Go back, yeah, that right there, did you miss it?

The fact that we strive to look for the positive is a sign that our hopes and dreams are still inside of us. Everything we’ve ever dreamed of can still be accomplished when we tap into that positive energy. It can lift our spirits and be a driving force. It’s not easy, but once you harness the ability of positivity, what seems impossible can turn into the possible.

Positivity is the hero that can conquer the villain of seriousness. It becomes even more rewarding when we think about others, and inject some into their lives. Because we never know if we may be the reason why someone else kept their dreams alive.

Why not make more of an effort to be more positive?

Why so serious?

(Sorry, couldn’t help myself…)


Derek Borne is the author of the “Ultimate Agent” series, due to be released next year. Discover his world of superheroes and espionage at www.derekborne.weebly.com

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