Authors – Check Out This New Way to get Noticed

As an author, I’m always looking for ways to get noticed. And as a reader, I know thatunnamed bookstores are critical to my success. That’s why I’m always looking for easy ways to get noticed by retailers and libraries. I’m happy to share this new resource which can really help out indies. Because at the end of the day, it’s having these placements that makes a long-term difference in our success. Check out the info here on TopShelf Magazine.

From Keith, the President of the magazine.

First and foremost, TopShelf is a traditional publisher that has been growing a network of bookstores and libraries that we are in constant contact with. We are very much centered on traditional marketing techniques and are going back to the heyday of traditional publishing––when publishers actually cared about authors and promoted the snot out of them! TopShelf Magazine began, simple enough, as a means to which we would get our catalog of traditional titles out to bookstores and libraries. But it quickly morphed into this amazing fleshed out magazine that showcases (not only our titles, but) the creme-de-la-creme of the indie and self-published world. I’ve always wanted to help worthy authors get noticed and this is how we’re doing it.

TopShelf Magazine is a monthly buyer’s guide for booksellers. It’s the creme-de-la-creme of the indie and self-published world. We sift through countless indie and self-published titles, showcasing only the most notable, market-worthy books available. There’s no junk here!  Each issue of TopShelf Magazine is packed with book spotlights, features, TopShelf reviews, commentary, special offers, promo posters, marketing advice, and more. We also include an up-to-date catalog of TopShelf’s traditional imprint releases at the back of each issue.

The magazine is sent to over 5,000 bookstores and libraries all across America and Europe. Our website currently gets an average of 25,000 visitors a month, with over 150,000 page views, and it’s been trending up like this for months. Our web banner ads have been averaging around 100,000 impressions a month, each. We send out around 6,000 emails a month to our growing list of booksellers and we also stay in close contact with booksellers on social media. We are very proactive in the world of marketing and public relations. Our advertisers get our full attention, and it’s all included in the rates shown in the Media Kit. We do everything in our power and influence to make sure your ads get seen and have the highest possible chance for success. (please note: because they are so inexpensive, classifieds and book listings do not include the web, social media, and email marketing.)
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Thank you,
Keith Katsikas
President & Publisher
TopShelf Indie Authors & Books, LLC
TopShelf Publishing
TopShelf Magazine


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