God’s Little Monster – Cover Reveal

It took me approximately two weeks to write Ren: The Man Behind the Monster.

Sixty-Five thousand words burst out of me like fireworks on a hot Texas July 4th.

The audio producer was landed and the entire audiobook produced in less than a week.

The cover was created in ten days, which is half the normal time it typically takes.

And the cover for God’s Little Monster, the second in the series, took days. Like three or four.

Ren’s  book trailer was completed in less than thirty minutes and can be found here.

Here’s what I’m getting at: Everything to do with Ren is easy. I’ve said it to my beta readers. They’ve bowed to the grace that accompanies his novels.

I’m not bragging. I’m wondering. I’m constantly wondering about this man who appeared in my head on a sunny May day. I didn’t know where he came from and still I wrote down his dialogue and I haven’t stopped. One of my besties tells me he’s my alter ego. That’s what I’ve come to accept. But how’s that the case? I’m a middle aged, snarky Brit? I’m  actually a writer on the west coast. Who is Ren and how does everything “Ren” happen so easily? I’m not looking for answers. I’m postulating.

I start the third book in the series tomorrow. And I wonder… will it be easy peasey, as Ren would say. Or because I know this will probably be the last book he appears in, will it be like a funeral: long and seemingly unending. Can I truly say goodbye to this man ? I really don’t know. Only the pages will tell. I’m off to write…and tell futures. Mine and his. And here’s the cover for the second book in the Ren series. Who is this woman? And what power does she hold over Ren?

Blank bookcover with clipping path

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