Official Release of Final Book in Vagabond Circus Series. And No it Doesn’t Suck

Released release

Yes, I wrote another book. Yes, I churn them out kind of fast. No, they don’t suck. I’ve written eleven books. And inside of sixteen months, I’ve published ten of them. I promise you that they don’t suck. Promise.

I was having a conversation with a lady-kinda-sorta-friend-person the other day in a parking lot. Here’s how it went. I’ll keep it brief.

Her: “What’s been going on?”

Me: “I’m publishing another book this week.”

Her: “Another?” And her face resembled something you see when the movie jumps the shark.

Me: “Well, yeah. The book was done. The editor had finished. Readers wanted. I published. That’s how I do.”

Her: She gave me a long silent stare.

I don’t do silent stares. I ask questions.

Me: “What?”

Her: “Well, at the rate you publish, how do you know your books don’t suck?”

And there in lies the question I’ve met recently. I guess I don’t really know if my books are amazing. Here’s what I do know. I have a plethora of beta readers who tell me the truth. Always. I have an editor who I know won’t feed my ego. I’ve tried to get her to. She tells me my books are good. And I have an instinct about my books and a need for perfection.

I write my books fast. Are they all good? I think so.

Look, here’s what it boils down to this year, because next year might be different: I don’t sleep. I have unrealistic standards. And I love what I do. So yes, I published 10 books inside of 16 months, and I put my seal of approval on those pages. They’re good. Some of them are great! My stories tend to come out fast. Maybe that’s because they need to be told, or I need to tell them, or because I like offending otherwise nice mom’s in parking lots who ask me direct questions. Hard to say. I have to get back to writing now.

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