Cover Reveal: Released (Vagabond Circus, #3)

I feel for the people in my life. I’m demanding, stubborn, and have unrealistic expectations. And yet, the people I work with don’t disappoint me. It amazes me sometimes. As an author, I really work with fantastic professionals. And often I’ve praised Andrei Bat, my cover designer, for his work. He deserves it. And after designing ten covers for me, he might need therapy. But still he should be proud. Here’s what I sent him when we started work on the final cover for Vagabond Circus series.

Capture - Released

Yes, I know. It’s pretty awful. That’s why I’m a writer. The world would be full of stick figures if I had become an artist. Andrei is the artist and I believe he’s created one of the best covers yet for me. It definitely captures the magic of Vagabond Circus. Without further ado, I’ll reveal Released for you. Preorder here.

ebook - Released

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