Tuesday Takeover!!!


First I’ll start with a confession, then I’ll share my big news.

The confession isn’t really that interesting. It’s not about how I secretly take pictures of strangers with funny hair and send them to my hairstylist. It’s not even something embarrassing, like that I still can’t remember how to spell the word garentee. This confession is actually a little lame.

Here we go.

Are you ready?

I’m a little, tiny bit overwhelmed.

There, I said it. That felt good.

With nine books published, two in the pipeline, and two in the works, I’m feeling the pressure. Let’s not even talk about the audiobooks and translated versions. Well, you can talk about it, but I won’t be listening. Anyway, the truth is that it’s a lot to keep up with. But I owe you interesting content. And I’m committed to giving it to you. Soooo…

Here’s the news. It’s that I’ve started a new, fabulous feature on the blog. I’ve recruited dozens of awesome authors and every Tuesday one is going to take over. And in my very stern style, I’ve demanded that they entertain you with something you can’t find anywhere else. These won’t be lame articles that you can pass on. They will be Matt Bellassi, Wine Wednesday-worthy posts. You’ll start to look forward to them. And then it will get worse. You’ll toll away the rest of the week wondering when Tuesday is coming back around.

Oh yes, that good. I’ve already scheduled out the next several months with amazing and successful authors. They are going to entertain you with their wit, school you with their knowledge, and in some cases touch your heart with their poetic stories.

First Takeover Tuesday starts tomorrow!!!!

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