Launch Day – Vagabond Circus Series


In May of 2015 I took my daughter to Circus Vargus. The idea of the show appealed to me because animals weren’t used. Mostly it was a show filled with acrobats and clowns. My daughter was ready to go by the time the flying trapeze was done, and so was I. Instantly I was infected by an idea. A circus with a cast of people gifted with super powers. The jugglers would be telekinesis. The acrobats had super strength or could levitate. And the magician, well he created real illusions. The possibilities were endless. And on the walk to the car a book idea was born in my mind. But I didn’t just want a circus with unique people who created real magic. I wanted a circus full of amazing people who were flawed. And so I decided that everyone in the troupe would be a vagabond of sorts. Drifters, recovering addicts, rejects, orphans. This is not your average circus. There’s actually nothing like it.

Today I’ve released the first book in the Vagabond Circus series, Suspended. There are no clowns or animals. What the reader will find in the folds of this book are characters who restore inspiration to the hearts of everyone in the crowd. They’re also riddled with demons and desires, and suppressed by rules. And yet, that’s not the biggest issue. Vagabond Circus is completely unaware that someone lurks in their ranks preparing to destroy what they love most. Join the circus here!

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