Cover Reveal – Paralyzed (Vagabond Circus, #2)

Please judge my books by their covers. Do it. I stake a lot in the hope that readers will pause when scrolling and be drawn into the images on my books. Andrei Bat has now done nine covers for me. Today we start the 10th. I could fill up this blog with compliments about this designer. But what I love most about his designs are the vibrant colors. And this cover probably is one of my favorites for that reason. And poor Andrei churns out incredible covers even though I’m a little scattered brained with my instructions. Below is what I attached to the brief for this cover. No my four-year old didn’t paint this. I did.
Paralyzed - mine

And from that, Andrei pulls magic out of a hat. It’s my honor to reveal the incredible cover for the second book in the Vagabond Circus series. Second books in a series are like middle children. They don’t get as much attention as the first or doted on like the last. But they do bond a family together. And if this cover is any indication, I think this book is going to be the best middle child of any of my series. It’s darker, more magical, and sexier than book one. Preorder here.

ebook - Paralyzed

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