REN – Official Release Day

ebook design - Ren

Today Ren: The Man Behind the Monster was officially released on Kindle and paperback. There’s also many other exciting things in the works for this book. Mums the word that though.

This novel is extremely dear to me. This character literally won’t go away. He’s the man in my dreams. Not of my dreams, mind you. He often enters my dreams and rants about politics and people and philosophical issues. Yes, mostly things that start with a “P”. This is why Ren has appearances in so many of my books and now has his very own.

I wrote this book in less than two weeks. I’m not joking. It’s my shortest book, but definitely not tiny by any means at 65K words. It’s just that Ren’s story was easy to write and flowed out of me. And I loved the opportunity to take off the kid gloves and write using a main character that people didn’t have to like. Most don’t promote using an “unlikable” protagonist, but I love to take chances. And I’ve definitely done that with this book. Ren isn’t PC. He’s sexist, anti-patriotic, cruel and often rude to undeserving people. Anyway, I’m grateful for the opportunity to share this much loved and very rude book with you all.

A warning: Because I have so many underage readers, I need to again make the disclaimer that this book is New Adult Urban Fantasy. It has strong language…like Ren really needs to widen his vocabulary.  And also there is some violence and sexual references. You’ve been warned.

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