As an author I get one question more than any other: Where do my characters come from? Most of the time I have an answer to this. They are parts of myself. Colleagues. Friends. Bullies. People I’ve observed. But there’s one important character and I have abso-bloody-lootely no idea where he came from.

Ren just appeared on a page one day and started spouting clever and abusive dialogue…and he hasn’t stopped since that first book. He continues to fill my head with his witty remarks. Actually, at times I’ve had to question my own sanity. Is my alter ego a middle-aged snarky Brit? Where did Ren come from? Even his name is uncommon and yet I know that’s his name. I know every detail of this chap’s life. He’s left-handed. Anti-military. Hates TV. Is regimented. Despises noise, bright sunlight, and most people. Reads incessantly. Is convinced and can state reasons he’s better than 99.9% 100% of the population. Runs everyday, no matter what. Thinks most people shouldn’t be allowed to breed. Prefers suits.  Knows what most people will say before they do. Is not the kind of man a girl takes home to meet her parents. He doesn’t want to meet anybody’s bloody parents. Mostly, he just wants to do his job and be left alone. That’s Ren Lewis in a nutshell. You may think you’d come to like the guy if you met him, and you might, because he’s strangely likable. Here’s the thing though, Ren probably won’t come to like you, no matter what. He thinks most people are repugnant gits.

So that’s Ren. The guy I’m blessed to have ranting in my head continuously. I have no idea where he came from or why his scenes are the easiest for me to write, but I also hope he sticks around. He’s quite charming in a egotistical, sociopathic kind of way.  And without further ado, here’s the trailer for the upcoming book which stars Ren. Also, preorder here for a one-time low price.

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