Official Release of Warriors

ebook - Warriors
Today is the official release day for Warriors #3. The entire Reverians series is now out and ready for binge consumption. I decided to only put a month between the release of each book because I don’t like having to wait for sequels and why should my readers. This is my second series and I cannot even express how excited I am for this one. Writing this series was truly a magical experience. I went through so many emotions and really lived in another plane of consciousness at times. There were moments when the creative process truly took me away and made me in awe of the story unraveling inside of me. I love these books. The characters are so dear to me. And the setting, well it’s one I know and have lived in. I’m grateful for the opportunity to share and I dearly hope that you find something inspiring in these books as well. Grab the first, second or third book in the series here. Oh, and the first book, Defects, is free from Oct. 15th – 19th! Grab it!

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