NEW BOOK – Ren: The Man Behind the Monster

ebook design - Ren

Anyone who has read any of my books has met Ren. He’s a middle-aged snarky Brit. He can be found in the pages of my stories harassing characters while also bestowing life-saving information on them. That’s kind of his thing. He’s a genius and he knows it, and modesty completely doesn’t suit him. In the Lucidites and Reverians series Ren had minor roles, but now it’s time he fills up the pages of his own book with snide remarks. It’s time to learn just what makes this guy so damn angry.

I have never been so excited to release a book as I am for Ren: The Man Behind the Monster. It is currently on preorder and will be released on November 21, 2015. Preorder here.

This is the first New Adult Urban Fantasy I’ve written. I do have a caution, since many of my readers are a bit young. This book does have strong language, some violence and sexual content.

Synopsis below:

Born with the power to control minds, hypnotize others, and read thoughts, Ren Lewis, is certain of one thing: God made a mistake. No one should be born with so much power. A monster awoke in him the same year he received his gifts. At ten years old. A prepubescent boy with the ability to control others might merely abuse his powers, but Ren allowed it to corrupt him. And since he can have and do anything he wants, Ren should be happy. However, his journey teaches him that harboring so much power doesn’t bring happiness, it steals it. Once this realization sets in, Ren makes up his mind to do the one thing that can bring his tortured soul some peace. He must kill the monster.

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