There is No Spoon


Telekinesis. Also known as Psychokinesis. It’s a paranormal ability that allows people to move and manipulate objects using their mind. In The Lucidite Series, the clever Trent has this ability. And if we could just hone this skill in ourselves then we wouldn’t have to get up to fetch the remote and we could play awful tricks on the general public. But is this a talent that can be taught? According to some, yes. Jack Houck, the founder of the PK Parties, claims that “85 percent of the attendees” to his events are successful with bending metal and plastic.

So let’s just say that you’re tired of throwing the same old holiday party. Well I’ve got a new idea for you. How about throwing a PK Party? What friend wouldn’t be intrigued with leaving your shindig with a broken spoon and a cool new party trick under their belt? So if the idea interests you then check out the format for the party and then hop off to the hardware store. And if you do throw one of these parties, please send me an invite.

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