Yes, I Lived a Double Life

Most people were pretty surprised recently when I came out of the writer’s closet.

“Why keep it a secret?” “What else are you hiding?” “Now I’m not sure who you are anymore.”

These are some of the comments I’ve gotten. Ninety-nine percent of the people in my life had no idea that I declined social invites and perfected a hermit lifestyle because I’m a writer. And so when I dropped the news with also the details that I’d finished a three book series during this stint, I surprised a lot of folks.

Here’s the first reason for my secrecy: First of all, saying you’re writing a book is like saying you’re going to New York to get a job on Broadway. Most people smile politely and then shake their head and say “good for you.” However, when you come out of the writer’s closet after the books are completed, people are impressed. You’re not aspiring to write anymore, you’ve written. Secondly, I love my friends and family, but writing is a very personal and intimate affair. Instinctively I knew I had to keep people out of my head. The first question people have when you say you’re writing is, “What’s it about?” And then people have suggestions or comments and then you’re no longer alone writing this book. Aunt Mary tells you to put a character in your book who resembles Grandpa Bob. Tell people after the books are done and they only have encouragement to offer (I’ve found), no input or advice on settings and plot line.

So that’s why I lived this secret life. Just suited me better. And while I’m at it, divulging secrets, I’ll tell you that I also had a fairly successful blog for a few years. It was under a pseudonym. Again me with the secrets. The reason this time is it was a memoir and I didn’t want to publicly air all the family secrets. But I’ve got a story or two from that blog that would fit perfect here (paranormal stuff), so be on the lookout.


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