When sixteen-year-old Roya Stark attends a dinner party she hardly expects to be drugged, much less told by the host that she’s a special race of human with incredible abilities. Then she follows his orders, closes her eyes and enters a different world. And meets a leader of secret society who promises that his people can protect her.

This is Roya’s first meeting while dream traveling. Within forty-eight hours Roya is pulled into the mysterious world of the Lucidites with a vengeance. By that time her family has already fallen victim to violent hallucinations and the dark figure has dared to approach closer at night, hovering just outside her window. When told her world is in danger and her fate is connected to greatness, Roya knows she has no choice but to seek refuge in the Lucidite Institute. The only catch is she’ll have to risk drowning to get there…

Roya thought she was just a weird teenager. Turns out she’s an extremely powerful Dream Traveler and her fate is to rid the world of a real nightmare. Captivating and mysterious, Awoken will take readers on an exciting voyage they will not soon forget.

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Cover images by Andrei Bat